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All your yachting needs and requirements in one place


Schengen Visas | American B1B2 Visas | Seaman's Books | Training

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Our team consists of people from many nationalities however many of us have traveled on the "green mamba" and understand your frustrations and challenges when it comes to visas. Worry no more! Over the years we gained all the knowledge and experience needed to help you obtain your visa for almost any country in the world! 

Yacht Deck

Seamans Book

The Seaman's discharge book is essential when traveling to and from a yacht. During covid times this greatly assisted in proving seafarer status or an "essential worker" which makes travel easier and stress-free!. We will help you obtain your Seaman's book in no time!

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Its a one stop shop - get all your documents as well as your flight booked with us. Ask for a quote today!

*** Special airfares are also presented to the direct family of any seafarer.

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Yachting Career

There are so many opportunities in the Yachting Industry. We have partnered with a few schools we feel are worth their salt and we will help you negotiate the best packages and training for your needs!

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Financial Solutions

One thing is for sure. If you work hard In the yachting industry you will have a lot of fun and make a lot of money! Our Yachties partner have tailored financial solutions to fit the South African seafarer's pocket, challenges, and needs. Start saving toward your future the right way today!

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